Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Windows 7 and Turn Off Language Key Sequence

You may have been typing away in Windows 7 or 8 and all the sudden you are typing in another language.  Accents and all.  You can simply click on the keyboard icon in the taskbar and you are back but if you always type in a single language you don't need this feature. 

Here is how you can disable Key sequence in Windows 7:
1. Click on Start.
2. Select control panel.
3. Under Clock, Language, and Region - Click on Change keyboards or other input methods.
4. Click on Change keyboards.
5. Click on Advanced Key Settings.
6. Click on Change Key Sequence.
7. You will get a small windows called Change Key Sequence popped up.
8. In that, click on to clear the check box which says - Enable key sequence.
9. Then click on ok.

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